Digitalks - The future of payment. Now and next

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Mercredi 16 Octobre 2019 - 07H00

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The next DIGITALKS, The future of Payment, Now and next, organized by the Chamber in partnership with AXA and presented by Cédric Maloux, CEO of StartupYard and one of our board member


- Why non-banking companies are becoming payment players?
- What will differentiate one from the other?
- How can banks stay competitive?
- What does it mean for shops and shoppers?

Join a panel of 5 experts who will discuss the trends happening now in payment solutions. From digital wallets, mobile peer to peer, the rise of the GAFA and others, invisible payments and crypto-currencies, what kind of customer experiences can we expect in the years to come?

For whom:

anybody who wants to understand better what kind of future is being built before our eyes.
Come and join a non-technical conversation on The Future of Payment !


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