Sustainable Supply chain & purchasing club

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Platform open to individuals wanting to share their experiences and new developments in the field of Supply Chain and Purchasing.


Theme: Sustainable Supply Chain & Purchasing 

Sustainability applies more and more every day in Supply Chain & Purchasing activities as a necessary approach to ensure long term growth.

How can sustainability (= meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future  generations to meet their own needs, focusing on the famous three pillars: environmental, social and economic one) can concretely be applied in Supply Chain & Purchasing activities?

Our Experts:

    • Jan Vasek, Assistant Professor at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague,
    • Yuliya Yuferova, Supply Chain Manager CZ/SK at SAVENCIA Fromage & Diary,
    • Francois Pirou, COO, Claire Lacompte, Green Procurement Project Manager & Pavel Dufka CPO at Hello bank! CZ

    Hosted by:

    • Renaud de Saint Lager, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director at Lesaffre Central & Oriental Europe

    Event in English.