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Banking Identity exclusively for Top Executives of the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce

Komerční banka is the traditional host of meetings for directors and top executives of FCCC member companies. After breakfast on the terrace, fifteen managers addressed the topic of Banking Identity, which was presented by Mr. David Barczi, Head of Digital Channels, KB. The meeting was held in proper compliance with hygienic conditions.


Banking identity apart from regular online banking services can be a digital way of proving the identity of other private and public services.

The vast majority of participants confirmed the active use of KB Klíč or similar systems of other banks. In the near future, it will be possible to use these services to remotely sign documents or verify identities with companies and government agencies, thanks to a joint initiative of Czech banks for the development of banking identity, which will become the basis for dynamic development of e-government and digitalisation of Czech society with full support of public institutions. The first step is the creation of the joint-stock company Bankovní identita. This company will provide electronic identification and authentication services. According to Mr. David Barcz, this will be as easy for users as if you log in to the internet or mobile banking. The bank will therefore allow private companies, but also public institutions, to verify the identity electronically and easily where it is needed, thus making life easier for citizens.


The topic raised questions regarding security and information leakage.


Electronic identification and authentication services based on the Banking Identity are currently being prepared so that they will be fully available to use by public institutions as well as private companies in 2021.


The next Top Executives Breakfast is being prepared in cooperation with ATALIAN on the topic of Benefits of Integrated Facility Management and will take place on Friday 16th October 2020.


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