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4 Module HR Leadership Course "Transform Your Capacity & Impact"

PeopleTObusiness, an HR Consultancy Group, invites you to the HR Leadership Course “Transform Your Capacity & Impact“ organized by Be*Great.

WHY this could be interesting for your leadership team?

During the last couple of years, the role of an HR leader has shifted toward strategic challenges. Duties that can be easily outsourced are left to the third parties. So, the HR leader can fully concentrate on dealing with the biggest demands HR departments face today: Leadership Development, Motivation, Retention, and Corporate Culture. Businesses need HR leaders that are embracing these demands.

To become a transformational champion is not an automatic product of a person managing the team. It is a result of long term development and supporting the process to achieve great results together. And we have the tools that will help you succeed on this journey.

On April 22nd, BE*GREAT launches its first cohort of the 8 days 4 Modules HR Leadership Course “Transform Your Capacity & Impact“ that you can now register for here:

WHAT will your team get from this course?

  1. First of all, this is going to be their personal leadership journey.
  2. They will understand the change of today’s HR leading role. Articulate clearly what’s expected. Became an active player in the company’s leadership team. Animate HR strategy within your company’s eco-system.
  3. They will learn & reflect. And they won’t be alone – fellow HR leaders are here to share their own stories and support.

Olivier Bauduin, our Executive Coach, will be guiding you throughout the whole course.

We are looking forward to having you onboard!