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In 1822, in Odet, Jean Guillaume Bolloré and his brother-in-law Nicolas Le Marié laid the first stone of the paper mill they designed and financed. This is the event that marked the beginning of our Group’s history. Since that initial paper pulp to the plastic films manufactured today, not forgetting of course the Bible paper and films for capacitors along the way, two centuries have passed and seven generations have succeeded.

Legend has it that Jean René Marie Bolloré brought back the secrets of how to make thin paper from his many trips to the Chinese seas. The Group gained notoriety thanks to that know-how, which was applied to making Bible and OCB paper in particular. After taking over Sofical in 1986, which produced cigarettes in Africa, the Group went from cigarette paper to tobacco, until the sale of Tobaccor in 2001.

After 20 years of R&D, the Bolloré Group developed a technology that is the only one of its type in the world: the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery. What makes it special is its entirely solid-state cell, which makes it safer than any others. Its robust design has been proven in custom solutions developed by the Group, notably in cars and buses. The Group was also a pioneer in the electric carsharing industry, offering services in France and abroad.

Since 1996 and the acquisition of IER, the Group has developed cutting-edge solutions and technologies to manage flows and secure both people and cargo. Thanks to its pioneering experience in electromobility, Blue Systems guides its partners towards a more connected way of getting around. It also participates in implementing solutions dedicated to creating smarter, more sustainable cities.

Buying out SCAC in 1986 was the starting point for the Bolloré Group’s journey into the transport sector. It’s a story that has gathered substance over the years, through acquisitions (SNC, Delmas, Saga, etc.), developments and long-game challenges, and in a continual quest for innovation. All the historical business activities in transport and logistics were grouped together in 2015 under the sole company name Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

The Bolloré Group is a major transport and logistics operator on the African continent. Present in 47 countries, it contributes to its logistics and industrial transformation. It operates 16 container terminals and three railway concessions. Its unique expertise in logistics corridors makes it possible to import and export cargo even in the most isolated regions.

As a leader in the independent distribution of petroleum products in France, Bolloré Energy stems from the merger of the companies SCAC and Rhin-Rhône at the end of the 1980s and is a senior subsidiary of the Bolloré Group. While defending the position of domestic heating oil in the French energy mix, Bolloré Energy is committed to the energy transition. It offers its customers cleaner alternatives, such as biofuel, alternative fuels produced 100% from plant matter and synthetic diesel.

The traditional role of a freight forwarding agent has been transformed many times over since the Group bought over SCAC in 1986. To deliver what our clients need, Bolloré Logistics has become a global supply chain player and has invested in the sustainable construction of hubs around the world. Its innovative Solutions and expertise in the sector guarantee a reliable and flexible supply chain.

In the 2000s, the Bolloré Group branched out into the media. It created the French TV station Direct 8 in 2005 and the Direct Matin newspaper in 2007. Since, through Vivendi, the Group continued to develop in the sector with, among others, the channels Canal+ and Cnews, but also titles published by Prisma Media. The Group is also a major shareholder in Lagardére.

The Group’s successful foray into media in 2005 and the Havas takeover gradually led to a greater diversification in media and communication. The consolidation of Vivendi in 2017 marked a major turning point for the Bolloré Group. Vivendi brings together a full gamut of exceptional talent in all forms of expression, and professionals devoted to creativity and emotion. They offer unparalleled entertainment across the globe.

When it took over the Rivaud Group, the Bolloré Group inherited various plantations all over the world. From this bygone era remains a distinct appetite for agricultural activities, in particular winemaking since the takeover of the Domaine de la Croix in 2001 and olive oil production with more than 3,000 hectares of olive orchards in the USA.


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