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Collegium 1704 introduces a new online platform with visually and musically attractive content

Prague - In the first week of March, the Baroque orchestra Collegium 1704 launched a new online platform on its website, UNIVERSO 1704, and exclusive video-concerts are released through it. The concerts were recorded during autumn 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 in various impressive locations in the Czech Republic and Germany. The video-concerts by Collegium 1704 are a special format that brings to audiences both iconic compositions and rarely performed pieces in top-class interpretation, offering unique experiences that are appealing both musically and visually. Thanks to the artistic camera work, the video-concerts also effectively capture the genius loci of the individual places.

„UNIVERSO 1704 is a result of our longing for contact with music and an expression of our need to continue with our work, even in these times when it is impossible to hold live concerts. However, it is not a substitute of live concerts, but a new idea and a concept that connects the experience of listening to music with original and enticing visuals. We believe that even in the future, when we will be able to return to live concerts, this idea will be just as viable and UNIVERSO 1704 will become a permanent, fully-fledged platform that will bring joy both to us and to our audiences,” explains conductor Václav Luks.

After the success of several videos from spring 2020, which Collegium 1704 released on YouTube and which attracted attention and acclaim around the world, the ensemble continues its cooperation with the photographer and cameraman Tokpa Korlo, who has also directed all the video-concerts in the first series. His characteristic work with light and extraordinary sensitivity to detail gives the video-concerts a new dimension, which, together with the energy of the singers and the musicians, creates a unique composition of visual and musical images.

The first series on UNIVERSO 1704 consists of nine video-concerts that present works by J. S. Bach, J. D. Zelenka, C. Monteverdi, B. Galuppi, and W. A. Mozart. The first video-concert released through the new platform was the famous Magnificat by J. S. Bach, recorded at the Annenkirche, Dresden, Germany. This choice of location was not accidental – Collegium 1704 has been performing at the Annenkirche on a regular basis since 2008 as part of its concert cycle Music Bridge Prague – Dresden. The first series on UNIVERSO 1704 will also close at the Annenkirche in June, with Missa Omnium Sanctorum by J. D. Zelenka.

Five out of nine video-concerts in the first series are devoted to the music of J. D. Zelenka. Apart from the splendid Missa Omnium Sanctorum, it also features Missa Corporis Domini ZWV 3, which is one of Zelenka’s earlier works and already displays his originality and masterful command of counterpoint. This concert, together with B. Galuppi’s Dixit Dominus which is scheduled for April, was recorded in the splendid Baroque Chateau Troja and was created in cooperation with the Prague Municipal Gallery.

Another video-concert that has already been released is the first part of the selection from Zelenka’s Responsories for the Holy Week (Responsoria pro hebdomada sancta); the second part will follow shortly before Easter. The rich Baroque structure of the Responsories provides a striking contrast to the Functionalist space of the Theatre X10 in Prague. Zelenka’s Miserere, which will premiere in May, was recorded in the newly renovated Prague cultural centre VZLET, which impatiently awaits the day when it will be possible to open the centre to visitors. VZLET will also provide a new home for the chamber series Collegium Vocale 1704.

The video-concert Bella mia fiamma, addio with music by W. A. Mozart is also scheduled for May. It was recorded at the Baroque Lnáře Chateau and the exalted interiors enhance the sophistication of Mozart’s famous concert aria which was written in Prague for the soprano Josefína Dušková. The brilliant solo part will be performed by the exquisite soprano Simona Šaturová.

The nearest premiere is the video-concert Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi by C. Monteverdi, which will be released at the end of March. The amorous victories and defeats, thematized in madrigals for five and six voices and performed chiefly by members of Collegium Vocale 1704, will be accompanied by the beautiful environment of the Nebílovy Chateau.

UNIVERSO 1704 is based on the platform Vimeo. Audiences can choose whether to rent the concert for three days, or whether to purchase unlimited online access. Concerts can be played also through the Vimeo application on SMART TV, and on tablets and mobile phones through Google Pay or App Store. On the Collegium 1704 website, each of the concerts has it´s own page with cast, programme note and lyrics for a full concert experience.


Exceptional works – genius loci – first-rate interpretation – breathtaking camera


Collegium 1704 & Collegium Vocale 1704

Václav Luks – Conductor

Tokpa Korlo – Direction, Camera

Filip Beneš – Sound


J. S. Bach – Magnificat in D BWV 243

Annenkirche, Dresden

Premiere: 1 March 2021


J. D. Zelenka – Missa Corporis Domini ZWV 3

Troja Chateau, Prague

Premiere: 3 March 2021


J. D. Zelenka – Responsoria I

Omnes amici mei – Sicut ovis – In monte Oliveti – Vinea mea electa – Ecce quomodo moritur justus

Theatre X10, Prague

Premiere: 5 March 2021


C. Monteverdi – Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi

Nebílovy Chateau

Premiere: 22 March 2021


J. D. Zelenka – Responsoria II

Ecce vidimus eum - Tristis est anima mea - O vos omnes - Unus ex discipulis meis - Caligaverunt

Theatre X10, Prague

Premiere: 29 April 2021


B. Galuppi – Dixit Dominus

Troja Chateau, Prague

Premiere: 19 April 2021


J. D. Zelenka – Miserere

Vzlet, Prague

Premiere: 3 May 2021


W. A. Mozart – Bella mia fiamma, addio

Lnáře Chateau

Simona Šaturová – Soprano

Premiere: 24 May 2021


J. D. Zelenka – Missa Omnium Sanctorum

Annenkirche, Dresden

Premiere: 14 June 2021