Crowd-experiencing needed ! For free !

Hi all,


We have a V-learning app. called MindBox, V for virtual, immersed 3D environment on smartphone and tablet.

In few words: MindBox brings something new and innovative: micro-learning in v-learning app. All together voice recognition, 3D environment, text-to-speech conversation, mobile learning… to connect, to inspire, to engage, to develop people.


Currently we have 500 users in the retail market, but we definitely lack concrete case studies to work on new features or potential improvements.

Here is a fair proposal: what about a crowd-experiencing ?


The offer:

  • You can get MindBox for free for 2 months, limited to 50 trainings/month, so it means for any numbers of users you want: if you want to train 50 persons with one training or 1 person with 50 training, it up to you.
  • You get access as admin for 3 trainers to manage the cloud-based platform, with full access to content management, creating content (choice of 8 backgrounds, 10 avatars, 7 languages for the training) , stats and reporting (text and voice record).
  • No other commitment than the one to give us a full feedback at the end of the trial period.

We would love to have experience feedback for the following learning content in any business segments, any other good ideas are welcome : Onboarding/ Leadership/Sales/Crisis management/ Recruitment/ Stress management/ Yearly Assessment.

If you like the idea to participate and at the same time to enjoy MindBox experience, you can directly download the app. from our website, and to drop me a short message on chris(@) so we get you in the system for longer period and higher users credit than our trial version.


Thanks, Chris.


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