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Digitalks - Artificial Intelligence - Now and Next

Comment la société et les entreprises doivent évoluer à mesure que les machines deviennent plus intelligentes et plus performantes ? Un groupe d'experts a discuté de l'impact de la technologie sur nos emplois, notre vie, notre santé et notre éducation. Partenaire d'événement @AXACeskarepublika

On Tuesday 6th of March 2019 took place Digitalks, an event organised by the French Czech Chamber of commerce. A panel of experts discussed, in NOBE 5 – a coworking space in Prague – about the impact of technology on our jobs, life, health and education. Among them, Michal Pěchouček, Founder Artificial Intelligence at Czech Technical University, Petr Baudišm co-founder, Ivo Gavenda, Senior Manager at Accenture responsible for Robotic Process Automation, Cognifitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Vladimír Kadlec, Head of Research at, and Dmytro Turchyn, Artificial Intelligence Lead, CEE HQ at Microsoft.

Before starting anything, here is what you need to know about AI.

In basic terms, AI is a broad area of computer science, that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. So it is not only programming a computer to drive a car by obeying traffic signals, but it is when that program also learns to exhibit signs of human-like road rage. As intimidating as it may seem, this technology is not new. Actually, for the past half-a-century, it has been an idea ahead of its time.

Nowadays you can find Artificial Intelligence with Machine learning, Computer vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep learning…

Did you know that there are three different types of Artificial Intelligence ?

Narrow AI : one task for one machine, E.g.: RankBrain by Google and Siri by Apple

General AI : Would be a machine capable of understanding the world as well as any human, and with the same capacity to learn how to carry out a huge range of tasks.

Super intelligent AI : ASI is something we can only speculate about. It would surpass all humans at all things: maths, writing books about Orcs & Hobbits, prescribing medicine and much, much more.

And what are the limits of artificial intelligence?

One think that, what machines will never do better than humans, is having compassion, or being able to develop their answer by explaining why. Humans cannot be replaced in the field of creativity and communication.

From technical point of view, AI is limited by an amount of available data, for example data in Czech language. Even though AI has been already used by Czech press agency to write articles summarizing election results.

Will machines take over our jobs in 20 years ?

The question that everyone is asking, but is afraid to hear the answer. Well, here it is. If you are an accountant there is 94% of risk that a machine takes over your job. If you are a Retail sales person, there is 92% of risk. If you are a Real estate agent, there is 86%, and if you are an Actor, 37%. A job that runs nearly no risk of being replaced is a Dentist with 0,004 % risk.

According to a recent Accenture research, the fear of employees of losing their job is decreasing; rather they ask their managers to give them tools to take advantage of AI. And 30-50 % of each work can be automatized.

Indeed, pretty much every job can be replaced if it does not evolve with their time and adapt to the technological progress. Therefore, a partnership between machines and humans is highly requested.  For that, we need to know how to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence. We should enjoy the technology while it advances and we should be looking out for where to go in the future.

Employees get more mature by using AI. They understand that this technology can actually boost the performance. It’s not about being afraid of losing their job, but to know how to take opportunities.

Today everyone can use Artificial Intelligence within their company. It will really help your company to increase the performance and inspire the employees to be more creative.

It is not machine VS us, it is machine and us VS the problem. That way, humans can do what they do best… Be human.

This event is supported by AXA Česká republika, organised in cooperation with Startup Yard.