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Digitalks - The future of payment. Now and next

Organized by the Chamber in partnership with AXA and presented by Cédric Maloux, CEO of StartupYard and one of our board member.



Propelled by the move to cashless societies and fast-growing e-commerce, the payments industry is expected to grow from €715 billion in 2010 to €2.1 trillion in 2027. Individuals and businesses worldwide need to make and receive payments on a daily basis. The payment landscape is in a state of continuous development: from cash to electronic forms, to the rapid growth of contactless and the adoption of invisible payment solutions. Customers demand seamless end-to-end services and expect that payment systems achieve this, without sacrificing trust and stability.

Many example and number were mentioned by Jiri Kobelka - CEO & Co-Founder at Tatum io.
“The bank system has never known revolution but a constant evolution, there is now 400 payment per second in Europe, and there will be around 3 billion in 10 years. We need payment infrastructure, as the payments landscape continues to evolve, financial institutions of all sizes are challenged to modernize their payments infrastructure to improve speed, increase efficiency, and maintain the highest standards of security and resilience.

Bank sector was represented by Radek Basár – who is the Tribe Leader of Payments Tribe at Komerční banka. “Banks do exist since the Roman Empire but the technology they used are changing. The revolution is happening now because the technology evolution is ready for it. There is no point to substitute bank to something else, banks are providing regulations, they are legitimate, they provide infrastructure.

Fintech the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. The Expert in that matter is Jan Purkrábek - Mastercard CZ, SK and Fintech Head.

Jan Gemrich - Head of Google Pay Marketing for CEE, introduced Google's policy of getting rid of plastic in the future. Evolution is about mindset, before we had the generation mobile first and now we have the generation mobile only, generation Z. Companies will need to develop application for mobile phone because they are big region like Asia and Africa, where the mobile phone is the only devise available.

Nicolas Eich, Edenred General Manager told us about Edenred's current transformation and vision to eliminate paper to accelerate and embrace today's technological innovation and to create a platform between merchants and employees.

Our host Cédric Maloux, revealed that the leader of mobile payment today (as prepaid wallet) is Starbucks. They offer benefits to their clients which drive them above others in the competition and Nicolas Eich add that it is the “Gamification of payment”.

Libra the permissioned blockchain digital currency proposed by the American social media company Facebook was mentioned, as well as Uber and the micro payment or why and how Netflix, Amazon, and Uber migrated to Microservices.

**Blockchain technology enables distributed public ledgers that hold immutable data in a secure and encrypted way and ensure that transactions can never be altered. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples of blockchain usage, this “distributed ledger technology” (DLT) is finding a broad range of uses. Data storage, financial transactions, real estate, asset management and many more uses are being explored.