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GEFCO Russia transported more than 1,500 units of oversized freight in 2020

In 2020, GEFCO Russia transported more than 1,500 units of freight involving weights and dimensions exceeding the standard conditions and restrictions for national and international road transportation. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the company's specialists ensured complete transparency in documents and freight monitoring processes for customers in a range of industries.

In April, GEFCO Russia joined forces with GEFCO Turkey to provide customs clearance and export services for construction machinery from the Port of Novorossiysk to Ufa. The customer was a large construction company working on the Eastern Exit project in Bashkiria involving a new 1.2 km road tunnel, a bridge and a road, as well as a toll collection and traffic management system. GEFCO has continued to transport machinery for this project.

In August, GEFCO Russia began cooperating with an official dealer of world-leading construction machinery. Although the initial transportation plans did not exceed 80 units, a total of 85 excavators were delivered to nine cities in different Russian regions. Under the control of GEFCO Russia, the cargo was transported by sea container and rolling stock to the ports of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad. 90% of the equipment was then transported by road, while the remaining 10% was transported by rail. Thanks to the high speed and quality of GEFCO’s work, cooperation has continued into 2021, with another 74 units of machinery now in transit.

In addition to machinery, GEFCO Russia won a contract to transport oversized transformers in 2020, after proposing the most attractive delivery time and price. The customer, a Swiss energy company, wanted to deliver 60 tons of freight from Germany to Sakhalin via Antwerp (Belgium), Singapore (Singapore), Laem Chabang (Thailand), Yantian (China), Vladivostok (Russia) and Korsakov (Russia, Sakhalin Island). GEFCO Russia managed the entre operation: securing the freight, delivery to the port by road, loading and unloading operations, sea freight on a flat rack platform without a roof or side walls, unloading in the Port of Vladivostok, reloading to a ship to the Port of Korsakov, unloading and further storage in a covered warehouse.

“One of GEFCO’s competitive advantages is its expertise in project logistics, and particularly complex, heavy and oversized freight for which our specialists always find the best solution,” said Denis Gliznutsa, Commercial Director of GEFCO Russia. “Despite the serious limitations associated with the pandemic and remote work, we were able to deliver oversized freight to customers' sites safely and on time.”