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HR Strategy Club: Empowerment and Leading with Purpose by D. Tissier

Having just arrived from Ostrava where he met companies and their employees, Dominique Tissier did us the honour to come this morning and enlighten us for our HR Strategy Club on the subject “Empowerment and Leading with Purpose: HR trends that enhance employer attractiveness and retention”.

Our new HR club patron with Johan Cheikh, Renaud Chevalier Cadell, launched his first club introducing Dominique Tissier, engineer graduated in psychology and former top HR manager at Michelin group. He also thanked TRANSEARCH International for hosting us and to have contributed to the organization of this exceptional meeting.

Dominique Tissier started the session with HR priorities. "For you, head of human resources, the world has changed, there are things that need to be done, like the digital and the situation is not easy, let’s set priorities!”

Manager, HR and People have to work together. The manager is responsible for managing the person in the job. People must express their appetence to the HR, who will take the time to help them to define career opportunities.

How to get that? In a company 2/3 is the time for the people, 1/3 is the training cost and the quality of management is very important.

For the first workshop Dominique Tissier ask the participants to deliberate in small groups and express their priorities. Here are some ideas that have emerged: define career plan, focus on learning & development, keep employees’ attraction & retention, treat people well, find a purpose, use management of soft skills, and use more feedback from the managers…

Dominique Tissier bring the example of Pascal Demurger, General Manager at the MAIF group in France.  With his book: “The business of the 21st century will be political or will not be” he changed the company mindset and culture. It is all about people “The surest way to get the company's performance is to look not for the performance itself but for the employees' blooming.” P. Demurger.

For the Second part, Mr Tissier wished our participants to discuss tools on empowerment.

“At Michelin it took around 6 years, but we changed the mindset in our company, we gather the team and gave them the power. Train your manager, the human energy is making the difference. At Michelin, we discover that the people are more relaxed outside thanks to this method. In terms of KPIs we raise productivity, the agility increase incredibly and the cooperation inside the plants was really great.“

A model to Increase the autonomy of people or team and to build trust is: autonomy.  Drive by autonomy the people will do it on their own way with your guidance and learning, through exercises and tools. A good way is as well using digital and expanding the perspective of the position. For the manager, it’s very important to be a team player and not only the team leader. Collaboration and exploration empower people and the team. Use a consultant is a good way to put people at ease: about the delegation!

Dominique Tissier showed to participants a video with musical conductors perfectly representing the relation and the harmony between a manager and his team.

Finaly to conclude, the participants talked about the obstacles present today in their position and business, like the communication, the resistance to change, the involvement from the top management or the cultural gaps due to different education and the fear of taking responsibility.

Mr Tissier’s last advice was to build trust and safety. “It is like a progressive education exactly the same process as parents and it is a safe way to allow more autonomy to your employee.”

We would like to thank Mr. Tissier again for agreeing to meet us for this HR Strategy Club. Thanks to Transearch International for the opportunity and thank you all for attending.