Komerční banka: Sustainable Development Goals

The main owner of the sustainability concept at Komerční banka is the the CEO and Chairman of the Board, of Directors Jan Juchelka and the sponsor is a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Operations Officer, Jitka Haubová. The activities in the field of sustainability are coordinated by the Working Group that includes members of other key departments that help develop the individual pillars of the strategy and achieve specific OKR (Objective Key Results, former KPI). The content of the strategy and its practical implementation are regularly presented to the Board of Directors, who are kept informed about the activities and provide the project team with their feedback.


SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2015 by all UN member states and serve as guidance to ensure prosperity and peace for all, build partnerships, provide a dignified life without poverty and inequality, or protect the environment. At KB, we have been working on sustainable development for a long time, but now we have decided to integrate SDGs more into our daily activities. We consider each of the SDGs to be especially important, and we believe that we are at least partially helping to meet all of the 17 goals. At the same time, however, we have sought to select those goals that we believe are most important to us and our stakeholders and that can have a truly positive impact on the society in which we do business.


Pillars of our CSR activities:


Client satisfaction


We see client satisfaction as a foundation for sustainable growth. Thanks to clients’ feedback, we can improve constantly. Security of client finance and transactions is our priority.


Ethics and responsible business


We respect privacy and freedom, while reducing the risks of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. Financial literacy is an important topic for us.


Responsible employer


Our strategic vision of Human Resources is to create an inspiring and stimulating environment where people enjoy working, wish to be successful and aspire to become KB brand ambassadors. The cooperation between employees is founded on four core values, or principles of conduct, i.e. team spirit, innovation, commitment and responsibility. These values form the basis of corporate culture on which we are building our future, and they are an integral part of our raison d’être, which defines our purpose and the way we want to be seen by the market.




To confirm that we act responsibly in our business and are sensitive to the CO2 emissions generated through our operations, we committed to become carbon neutral by 2026. We aim to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency and promoting climate responsibility through our actions. We understand our position and influence on society, and therefore search for solutions resulting in
meaningful investmentshelping to reduce CO2 emissions not only of our own operations, but also on the part of our clients. Another innovation that is in line with our commitment to reduce carbon emissions is the introduction of a system for the annual monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.


Responsible and innovative financing


We think about the future, and believe that our financing of meaningful projects will help protect the environment and support sustainable business. We appreciate the efforts made by our clients to mitigate environmental impacts, and we support projects that help nature and society.


Sponsorship and charity


We have been active in culture for a long time and want to support national art and culture even in this particularly difficult time, we helped our partners implement a couple of successful projects.


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