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Marketing is Dead! And the new marketing club of the Chamber is launched

In English, we use this proverb: “Don’t mix Apples with Oranges!” meaning that you can’t talk about something you don’t know

Well, this is how we started our Morning Marketing in the early morning of Friday 13th of September, at Art&Event Gallery Černá Labuť, presented by Martina Jirásková, Corporate Marketing Consultant.

"Marketing is dead, is it?" Using real Oranges or Apples to vote our participants tend to hope and believe that no, marketing is not dead.

Our first expert Mr. Lukáš Vynikal, idea maker, innovator and founding member at Wissenberk Group began by coming back to the very concept of marketing. What is marketing? And why 95% of product launches are failures?

“Don’t fall in love with your product! We know that you love it, but it makes you blind! Fall in love with what it means for the customers. Ignore the category and find out how your product is special. Sometimes it’s better to forget the product and to create the service. Think out of the box. ”

But how do we get to know our customers? From his point of view, Lukáš thinks it's important to observe their behavior to understand them, live with the customers and know the customer's journey.

Finally to talk about special case our expert Miloš Tengler, a market research expert at SC&C, presented some tools for understanding the customers. “Customer’s decision is relative to many various perceptions. What the customers feel is very important, their experiences are complex and the companies should focus on simplicity and usefulness instead of trying to catch the whole categories in one.” Presenting his concept of brand comparison index Miloš shared the marketing results of Czech companies and showed surprising numbers from their researches: Health Insurance is on the top market as well as e-shops, on the bottom you could find telecommunications and supermarket (as local shops).

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If you think you’ll be able to speak on this particular subject please contact Linda Salajková.