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Mazars publishes CEE Tax Guide 2022

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  • The region's tax wedge remains relatively wide, ranging between 15 and 51%. Countries maintain a characteristically different approach to income taxation and tax relief for families with children.
  • VAT remains the prime source of tax revenues in the listed countries; digital technologies have visibly improved the efficiency of tax collection
  • There are still significant differences in the approach to corporate taxation in the region. Only one country reduced its corporate profit tax rate from last year. 


For the tenth time in 2022, Mazars published its annual CEE Tax Guide that offers up-to-date information on taxation in 22 European countries, including labor costs, corporate profit taxation, and transfer pricing. The guide serves long-term investment decisions by analyzing long-term taxation trends and fundamental changes in the tax regimes, both in comparison with each other and to previous years.

Mazars published its comprehensive tax guide that aspires to provide up-to-date information on...

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