New obligations of Czech employers in relation to fight against pandemic

Compulsory testing of employees

Applies for now to employers employing 50 or more employees.

Number of employees Obligation to ensure tests from Obligation to invite employees to undergo test from Prohibition of presence of employee at workplace without passing test in last 7 days from
250 and more 3 March 2021 5 March 2021 12 March 2021
50-249 5 March 2021 8 March 2021

15 March 2021

  • Employers are obliged to provide the specified tests for their employees.
  • Employees are obliged to undergo the tests (with some exceptions).
  • A negative test result is required for presence at the workplace.
  • Employers and employees face sanctions for breaches of these obligations.

Testing is also strongly recommended for employers employing fewer than 50 employees.

Protective means for respiratory air passages (mouth and nose)

Employers are obliged to equip their employees with the corresponding protective means for respiratory air passages in a sufficient amount for each shift.

The obligation does not apply to employees who do not come into physical contact with other persons during the performance of work and in connection with the performance of work (e.g., home office).

It is mandatory to have also in all interiors of buildings, including the employers' premises, respirators, or medical face masks, or similar means fulfilling at least all of the technical conditions and requirements (for products) of the corresponding norms.

Higher protection (respirator or similar means) is required for interiors of buildings that serve as a shop, service establishment, means of public transport, vehicles, including business vehicles, if there are 2 or more people in the vehicle, etc...

Exceptions are stipulated by the relevant measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Written confirmation of employer for travel to place of work

An employer is obliged to issue written confirmation to an employee who requests it if he/she crosses district boundaries on the way to and from the place of work. The capital city of Prague is considered as one district.

Home Office

Employers are ordered to use remote work if the employees can, with regard to the nature of the work and the operational conditions, perform it at their place of permanent residence or domicile.

Some additional information with impact on employers

  • Quarantine/isolation is extended to 14 days.
  • Approval of a sickness benefit of up to CZK 370 per day for employees in quarantine is expected.
  • The entry medical check-up can still be temporarily replaced by a declaration.
  • The conditions of employee catering were tightened.
  • Schools were closed, including kindergartens and children’s groups.