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Relocation of Office or Renegotiation of Lease Contract: that is the question!

To stay or to leave? Renegotiation or relocation?

More than ever before, in these times of uncertainty and unpredictability many office tenants are wondering whether to remain in their current offices or to relocate. The answer cannot be taken before you have set clear objectives and have a deep understanding of what the office market can offer at the time when your current lease contract expires. And making the wrong decision can significantly impact the performance of your company.

In order to ensure that your real estate decision is the best at the time when you have to take it, you need to search for the best opportunities available in the market, select the best suitable property for your organization in the right location, negotiate the most favourable lease terms and design the layout of your future office space by incorporating as much flexibility as possible.
The right approach to the problematic “to stay or to leave” is to do a complex assessment of:

  1. the probability to renegotiate better lease terms with your current landlord,
  2. the availability of office premises on the market that are matching all your requirements,
  3.  the total costs of relocation,
  4. the level of risk to make a wrong decision,
  5. the level of probability to lose part of the employees,
  6. the overall disturbances on your business operations linked with relocation.

Hiring experienced tenant representation team to guide you through this complex process and protect your interests towards your current or future landlord will minimize your risk of taking wrong decision and ensure the best possible occupancy solution at the best value.

Such process if started well in advance shall give you the opportunity to take the best decision for your organization and at the same time help you to achieve better results.

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