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Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Czech republic & Slovakia increases its efforts to support those in need in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Czech republic & Slovakia increases its efforts to support those in need in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic and general nationwide quarantine Prague and Bratislava URW’s centres Westfield Chodov, Centrum Černý Most, Metropole Zličín and Aupark Bratislava are seeking new ways to support local communities and especially its members that are the most affected by the crisis. The Group’s purpose of Reinventing Being Together now discovers brand new tools of supporting those in need while embracing the whole community. 

Initiatives directly responding to COVID-19 pandemic and safety measures 

Earlier in April all Prague URW centres have installed special vending machines selling fabric masks (Rouškomat). These are sold for a set price of 50 CZK while 100% of the earnings are donated to NGO’s with history of prior cooperation. For example at Westfield Chodov the aid is dedicated to Klub svobodných matek – NGO that supports single parents.  

Metropole Zličín on top of that installed special box where people can donate their home made masks  to NGO Klokánek that provides shelter for threatened children. 

In addition, employees of Metropole Zličín started to produce URW’s own face shields on 3D printer that was primarily bought to recycle plastic waste. As for now more than 200 members of staff across URW assets in Prague who enter a direct contact with customers are provided with these shields. If this prove to be useful, production of shields will continue to be later potentially distributed among public and healthcare workers. 

Likewise in Slovakia, Aupark is supporting the regional crowdfunding initiative #WHOWILLHELPSLOVAKIA aimed at providing Slovak healthcare institutions with masks and other protective equipment. 

Among other actvities all centers across portfolio have been promoting initiatives such as „Prague holds together“, which supports seniors above 65yo. by providing them non-stop telephone line or special infographics that help shoppers to act safe during their stay at stores, pharmacies and post offices. 

Cooperation with local municipalities 

URW provided its outdoor advertising spaces to promote relevant messages about prevention of spreading the disease. 

In the same scheme Centrum Černý Most partnered with the local borough of Praha 14 by leveraging its social media presence to spread COVID-19 related information and promote Praha 14 activities and alerts for the community. One of the initiatives included is called Prague hold together and provides a nonstop & free of charge telephone help line dedicated to elderly fellow citizens. 

Westfield Chodov also donated another 150 fabric masks to the borough of Prague 11. These were later supplied to workers and volunteers providing essential services such as taking care of the elderly. 

Support of indirect victims of the quarantine – woman experiencing domestic violence 

As the quarantine locked thousands of people in their homes, it is apparent that victims of domestic violence are endangered more than ever. In order to give them a helping hand Metropole Zličín partnered with NGO Centrum RoSa and converted one empty unit into a discrete place where victims of domestic violence are provided with free consultation and help.