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EU Investor Survey

The purpose of this survey is to support a study on investment protection and facilitation in the EU. This study aims to collect data and evidence on the problems related to cross-border investments in the EU and on the possible impacts of policy options to be considered to tackle these problems. The two problems under investigation are:

  • Problem A: An uneven level of investment protection in different Member States that affects investor confidence;

  • Problem B: Concerns about enforcement of rights and effective remedies for cross-border investors.

EU Investor Survey


Target group: This survey is designed specifically for EU investors engaged in cross-border investments in the EU Member States (MS) or interested to engage in cross-border investment but who have not been able to do so due to specific barriers.

Scope of this survey: The main objective is to survey EU investors (whether already investing or having shown/showing interests to invest) engaged in intra-EU investment to understand the key challenges around investment protection and initiatives on investment facilitation. The findings of this survey will contribute to the assessment of the barriers and issues faced by investors, their drivers, and consequences for cross-border investment. It will also assist in possible policy options to be considered to address the challenges. This survey takes less than 20 minutes to fill in. 

The deadline to respond to this survey is 25/10/2020.