Pálka RadekExecutive Chef at Jan Hotels

Radek Pálka is the Executive Chefs at Jan Hotel group. He also runs a blog, on which he regularly writes articles about cooking, cuisine, gastronomy and so on.

How did it begin ? 

Somewhere in my 6-7 years my parents took the head that I really want to be a cook. My mother was a trained confectioner. However, when she came to a different state with her brother in 1971, she stopped making confectionery professionally and never returned to it. Despite this, in the 1980s, she secretly earned money at home by baking cakes. And I, as a child, wandered around her.  I guess everyone was thinking that I really enjoy cooking and that I do not even want to do anything else. 

Finally, he was the one who began to say that he wanted to be a cook from childhood. Maybe it was. 

Thanks to the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Radek joined the hotel school in Chrudim, but as a trainee butcher. He started learning butchery and after few peripetie a year later he choose to train also as a cook.

My luck was that after my apprenticeship I started at the Restaurant Grill Duran in Hradec Králové, where I first star as butcher and gradually I approached the kitchen.

My second biggest lifestyles (the first is my wife) was that I was lucky and got into the kitchen in Duran, where the then thirty-year-old chef Jiří Syrový ruled.

And thanks to him and his approach, necessity of cooking has become a LOVE FOR LIFE.



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