Webinar : What will the EU and Eastern Europe's countries post-pandemic (green) energy future look like ?

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What will the EU and Eastern Europe´'s countries post-pandemic (green) energy future look like ? 

The discussion could assess the implications /effects od the post COVID-19 crisis on European energy policy (European Green Deal) - will the post COVID-19 crisis represent a barrier or opportunity for green investment and innovation in the energy sector ? What could be the recommended measures for local authorities as well as concerned undertakings aiming to continue pursuing the environmental and decarbonisation targets?


  • Mr Mak Kisevic, Director at Safege d.o.o. (SUEZ) in Croatia ;
  • Mr Miroslav Zajicek, Director for Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at Veolia Energie Czech Republic ;
  • Mr Stefan Popescu, Deputy Public Affairs at Engie in Roumania ;
  • Mr Dejan Markovic, Power Systems and Field Service VP at Schneider Electric in Serbia.
  • Mr Rados Horacek, DG Energy, Commission Européenne, Brussels



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