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Supply chain & Purchase - Breakfast

"Digital Supply Chain opportunities in Central Europe"

Tuesday 22nd of October, was launch the first Supply Chain & Purchase Breakfast in Prague. Organized by the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce and our patrons Renaud de Saint Lager, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director at Lesaffre Central & Oriental Europe and Jean-Baptiste Pavec, Logistic Operations Director at Groupe Seb. In partnership with Arts et Métier Alumni.

This platform is open to individuals wanting to share their experiences and new developments in the field of Supply Chain and Purchasing.

 Our first topic was Digital Supply Chain opportunities in Central Europe” and in order to present this subject we invited two experts. 

An academic expert Ana Clerisse, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD Associate APICS instructor, Supply Chain Education CZ and an expert to present a key study, Johan Romanteau, Eastern Logistics territory Director GSC Europe – Logistics Global Supply Chain Schneider Electric, always in the idea to share the experiences of each and allow an exchange between concerned companies.

Ana Clerisse, presented the evolution of the Supply Chain and how the new business models are driving the Digital Supply Chain. She explained the need of collaboration from Globalization and Digital World to make a coo-petition instead of a competition. She also covered the meaning of Digital for Supply Chain and the new technology who are predicting business process in maintenance and intelligent product tracking. Like the company 4DOT who created a tracker who can prevent the machine to breakdown, analyzing its vibration.

Among other very interesting information, she talked about the challenge to overcome and the most effective way to drive the digitalization in Supply Chain. Regarding a research from MIT, from all data that they collect in manufactory, they only use ¼ of them. The call today is not how much Data you collect but how to use them to create more value.

To find more information please follow this link to Digital Capabilities model for Supply networks: dcm.ascm.org

The next expert Johan Romanteau, opened the doors of Schneider Electrics production site and warehouse. Thanks to his explanation and some instructive videos showing the company's digital and technological innovations we could see the concrete impact of Digital in the Supply Chain.

At Schneider Electrics they are leading a digital transformation to become a Smart DC, working on customer experiences, logistics and energy efficiency, demand and forecast management as well as digital employee experience. “We believe that thanks to our digital level we are recruiting more high qualify engineers. Today we are at 85% on our Digital goal projects.”

These two presentations prompted many questions among our participants. We had the chance to receive a special guest, Mr Robert van Stratum MSc, CFPIM CIRM CSCP CLTD CPF Managing Partner and APICS Master Instructor at Supply Chain Education CZ who also kindly replied.

We would like to thank again our experts and patron who participated to this first edition of the Supply Chain & Purchase breakfast, we hope that this meeting will be the first of a series of clubs in 2020.

Please save the date for the next session: February 11th 2020.